How to Hire a Server Administrator?

If you reading this article then you are looking to hire a professional server administrator for your web hosting service but do you know what skills and experience that you are looking for in a candidate or company? Do you know where to find a server administrator that you are willing to control your beloved site?  If not do not panic this article will tell you everything that you need to know when looking for the perfect person to help run your site.

What is a Server Administrator?

For those who don’t know a server administrator is a member of personnel who controls and maintains multi-user systems to provide a seamless user experience without the fear of any security threats. There are many aspects to the role and vary from one companies’ requirement to the next. For example, a web hosting service or even a wordpress hosting service would require personnel to monitor network efficiency whereas a small company might need user and system management internally for their staff members.

Where Can I Hire A Server Administrator?

When looking for a server administrator to work for your business you need to decide whether you are going to hire a person on a permanent full-time base or whether you are going to go down the freelance route. Your choice will be dictated by the amount of work that you expect to the person to have on a daily bases and the amount of money you can afford on staffing.

If you expect a lot of traffic through your site and it is critical to keep your server running or if you have sensitive data within your server that requires a high-security presence then a permanent member of staff would be your preferred option. If your server has a relatively small traffic or contains no sensitive data then you may only want an admin to set up the server or perform Maintenance every now then, this can easily be achieved through a freelancer.

So you know what you need you just need to know where to look. Whether permanent


Indeed, is a recruitment website that has started to dominate the field with job advertisement and job applications. They primarily are an advertisement website that allows companies to post job advertisements that are accessible to their enormous number of users. All you need to do as a company advertising is create a job description with things like core responsibilities and salary and you are done.

The website will create the advert and prioritize it based on geographic location so that locals will see the role nearest to them. They can filter different jobs so that server administrators can find your position quickly and efficiently. You sit back and wait for all of the applications to roll in.


Upwork is one of the largest freelance recruitment websites in the world. You can find all sorts of Professionals with special skill sets in one place which is great! The site works by both posting job adverts which professionals can bid to work on similar to indeed and headhunting. The part that really makes Upwork stand out is that you can search for individuals via a search engine similar to social media. Upwork holds a library of thousands of different Professionals that have their own profile with work history and sample projects that they have worked on previously. If you find someone that suits the profile that you are after you can approach them directly and offer them a short-term contract job.

This should be everything you need to know to get started hiring the perfect Server Administrator.

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