Ways to Poach Talent From Your Competitors

They say the best candidates for your job opening are already working happily. The best employees are already employed and are most sought after. They may not even be looking at your job posting. The unfortunate reality of today’s job market is that job vacancies only attract those who are looking to change jobs or the ones who are currently jobless.

So how can you attract great employees if they may not even see your job posting?

There is only one way, headhunting or poaching employees from your competitors. While each business is different and each of them needs a separate skill set, there are ways to attract good employees over from another company. But first, you need to grab their attention. Here are a few examples that can help you come up with a version that works for you.

Electronic Arts wanted to hire talent from their rival game company Radical Entertainment. So they placed a billboard right opposite to their rivals HQ and put out an ad in ASCII code, can you think of a better nerd attractor?

One head-hunter, David Perry, went undercover as a snack vendor to find out the name of a top executive and then poached him from right under the nose of his bosses. Perry even posed as a waiter at a Christmas party to get face time with a high-powered executive he wanted to hire for a client.

As a business, it is best if you hire a skilled head-hunter to poach. This way, you keep your hands clean and leave the smart work to a professional.

If you operate in a niche, you have to be extra careful with your approach as poaching will cost in terms of your relationship with your hire’s ex-boss.

If you already know who you want to recruit, take the time to figure out what drives them. Highly successful employees are not motivated just by money. If an employee will leave his current job because you offered more money, he will quit your business when someone else offers him a better pay package.

Accomplished people are moved by purpose and if you can prove to them your purpose is similar to theirs, recruiting would be quite easy.

If you are hiring in a specific niche, it is also important to check if your potential hire has signed any form of a non-compete clause. There is no point in hiring someone who cannot be in the same industry due to his previous contractual agreements.

While you are poaching from your competitors, they may pay you back in the same kind. So, keep a close vigil on your own house. Just when you thought you have put your best team together, your top salesman may say he is quitting.

Watch your folks, motivate them and give them a purpose. If your employees are motivated, it automatically spreads the word and recruiting someone from outside becomes easier. Your potential hire may actually have a friend or a colleague already working in your business and if so, it is not even poaching.

How to Hire Your First Employee?

Entrepreneurs wear multiple hats by necessity. They know everything about their business and although it may be tiring; they enjoy doing different kinds of activities. But as they increase their client base and start seeing some results, it becomes important to hire employees to delegate some tasks.

As any serial entrepreneur will tell you, hiring people is one of the hardest tasks a business owner faces. If you hire the wrong one, they will cost you a lot of money and effort. According to a survey by Start-up Magazine, the first ten employees you hire will determine the culture of your company and its success. Be it a retail store or a high-tech start-up, the right employees will make a huge difference to your business.

Since you may not have any idea of how to go about recruitment, we have brought you a few ideas that can help in hiring your first employee. These suggestions come from serial entrepreneurs, top HR professionals and others who have been in your shoes many times before.

1. Do not go with your instincts

On average, 40% of all resumes have bogus details. Some people are naturally good at charming the interviewers while others may get some training. Apart from competence, there is also a need to make sure your potential employee is stable, reliable and does not have a criminal background that may affect your company’s reputation. So irrespective of how smart they are, do not make instinct based hiring judgements without some form of a background check.

Once you hire them, you are liable for their actions. So go slow.

2. Test for competence

Answering questions is not necessarily a great skill in a potential employee unless you are hiring them for PR or customer service jobs. So test their competence by giving them a real-world problem to solve. If you are hiring a coder, give them a skill test, and if you are searching for a salesman, ask them to sell to a customer and demonstrate their skills. As a sole entrepreneur, you will not have a lot of time to train your employee. So finding someone who has at least a basic level of competence in the job is an absolute requirement and best way to do it is to test their skill.

3. Discuss expectations openly

If you need an expert for the job, be ready to pay for an expert. Be open with the potential candidates on the requirements of the job and what you can offer to pay them. The deal has to satisfy both parties. You can’t afford to overpay an employee and he can’t afford to accept to be paid in peanuts.

4. Be aware of your statutory obligations

Each state has its own sets of labour laws apart from the Federal laws. It is your job to comply with all of them while announcing a job opening, interviewing and hiring candidates. Failure to comply may result in an expensive lawsuit. So take some time to read about the requirements before you even consider hiring your first employee.

How to Hire an Administrative Assistant?

If you are a small business or manage a multibillion-dollar company, an administrative assistant is one of the most important people in your life because they are your gatekeepers. A high function executive is good at his job only if his assistant knows how to target his focus. If there is no focus, the executive will be swamped with countless meeting requests, events and other unnecessary time wasting issues.

If you have never had an assistant, hiring your first one could be quite challenging. because it requires a certain amount of letting go of your control. If you are an entrepreneur, it could be very hard to draw circles on how much power to give away. To help with your hiring, we are presenting to you a few best practices while recruiting an administrative assistant.

Before you start to look for an assistant, chart out a list of their duties. It will give you clarity as well as potential candidates on what to expect in the role. It will also help you target the right kind of qualifications for the job. This exercise will also help you figure out how many assistants you need. If you are running multiple businesses, it may be a good idea to group them into logical sectors and hire one assistant per sector.

Once you have an idea of the role, create a  posting by giving a good picture of the role and qualification. A good timekeeper does not need to have a math degree. A doctor’s assistant, on the other hand, may need some form of medical experience. Make sure to highlight the working hours and mobility of the job.

Once the posting is ready, spread the word via social media as well as recruitment platforms. It is also good to ask for help from your professional contacts. Recommendations may be a good way to find an ideal candidate without hiring a recruitment agency.

Once the resumes start flowing in, filter them to come up with a shortlist of candidates who match your requirements.  Look for go-getters instead of just a gatekeeper. Once you have a decent list, it may be time to arrange for interviews.

Great recruiters tend to do a skill test rather than just ask questions. So get your candidates to do a skill test to prove they have the experience and capacity to handle the job requirements.

Resist the urge to hire the one with best answers. Some people attend so many interviews that they get really good at answering questions. Call the references and get an idea about the candidate before you make a decision.

If you get it right, you may get a new assistant to reduce your burden.  If you found the whole experience time consuming, you can take a shortcut by hiring a recruiter to do it for you.  Once they get an idea of what you need, a professional can get the job done a lot faster. This way, you can spend more time working on your business than learning about interview questions.