How to Hire an Administrative Assistant?

If you are a small business or manage a multibillion-dollar company, an administrative assistant is one of the most important people in your life because they are your gatekeepers. A high function executive is good at his job only if his assistant knows how to target his focus. If there is no focus, the executive will be swamped with countless meeting requests, events and other unnecessary time wasting issues.

If you have never had an assistant, hiring your first one could be quite challenging. because it requires a certain amount of letting go of your control. If you are an entrepreneur, it could be very hard to draw circles on how much power to give away. To help with your hiring, we are presenting to you a few best practices while recruiting an administrative assistant.

Before you start to look for an assistant, chart out a list of their duties. It will give you clarity as well as potential candidates on what to expect in the role. It will also help you target the right kind of qualifications for the job. This exercise will also help you figure out how many assistants you need. If you are running multiple businesses, it may be a good idea to group them into logical sectors and hire one assistant per sector.

Once you have an idea of the role, create a  posting by giving a good picture of the role and qualification. A good timekeeper does not need to have a math degree. A doctor’s assistant, on the other hand, may need some form of medical experience. Make sure to highlight the working hours and mobility of the job.

Once the posting is ready, spread the word via social media as well as recruitment platforms. It is also good to ask for help from your professional contacts. Recommendations may be a good way to find an ideal candidate without hiring a recruitment agency.

Once the resumes start flowing in, filter them to come up with a shortlist of candidates who match your requirements.  Look for go-getters instead of just a gatekeeper. Once you have a decent list, it may be time to arrange for interviews.

Great recruiters tend to do a skill test rather than just ask questions. So get your candidates to do a skill test to prove they have the experience and capacity to handle the job requirements.

Resist the urge to hire the one with best answers. Some people attend so many interviews that they get really good at answering questions. Call the references and get an idea about the candidate before you make a decision.

If you get it right, you may get a new assistant to reduce your burden.  If you found the whole experience time consuming, you can take a shortcut by hiring a recruiter to do it for you.  Once they get an idea of what you need, a professional can get the job done a lot faster. This way, you can spend more time working on your business than learning about interview questions.

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